About Us


About Us

Airboat Alaska is owned and operated by a local Alaskan family, and is based out of Juneau, Alaska.  We specialize in glacier tours which include a helicopter flight, an airboat tour at the face of the glacier, and a glacier landing.  Our goal is to give people who are visiting Alaska the opportunity to experience real, remote, wild Alaska.  Our glacier tours are always a small group, so the experience is always exclusive.  We believe that after visiting Alaska, our guests should leave with an appreciation of the beauty that we live in, the power of the glaciers, and the vastness of the wilderness.  We absolutely believe that it’s imperative to get away from the crowds to gain that appreciation.

About Airboat Alaska

Airboat Alaska, LLC is owned and operated by an Alaskan family.  Brian and Julie have 2 boys, Henry and Sam.  They live in Juneau all year, and when they are not operating tours, they love to spend time in the Taku River area fishing, hunting and enjoying the beautiful river basin. Brian began traveling by jetboat to the Taku River area with his family in 1985.  His summers were spent in a rugged cabin near the Canada border, catching toads and helping his family build a cabin.   As Brian grew, he saw an opportunity to share the beauty and rural excitement of the Taku River and Taku Glacier wilderness area.  The river is shallow at the terminus of the Taku Glacier, and an airboat is the only vessel that can navigate the shallow waters and current of the area successfully.  Airboat Alaska was established in 2010, and since the beginning the company has been committed to the following:

  • Giving guests a chance to experience the Alaskan wilderness and glaciers the way that we love to experience them
  • Employing captains that love the river and have the experience needed to navigate the area
  • Keeping group sizes small to provide an exclusive and intimate experience on each tour

About NorthStar Trekking

During our many years of exploring this special place both by helicopter and on foot, the glaciers of Southeast Alaska have remained one of the most unique and captivating features we have encountered.

Since day one we have been dedicated to sharing this environment with others through our top-rated helicopter glacier treks and tours. NorthStar Trekking was started with safety as the top priority and a commitment to provide an outdoor adventure tailored to the interests and abilities of each guest. Let our experienced team of pilots, guides and support staff guide you on an unforgettable Alaska experience. We look forward to seeing you on the glacier.