Airboat Tour, Alaska’s best

The best airboat tour in Alaska in based just outside of the capital city, Juneau. Airboat enthusiasts are not the only adventurers that will love these Airboat Tourairboat tour.  This tour has all the elements required for a truly epic adventure that everyone and anyone will love, with mountains, forests, wildlife, glaciers, rivers, helicopters and airboats! There truly is nothing like it and words can barely begin to describe the adventure that awaits. “An unbelievable experience! We will recommend it to everybody who wants to come to Alaska. Don’t miss it!!!” -laura B. 8/13/15




Not Just any Airboat Tour

Alaska is vast. Some of the most beautiful places to visit are the hardest and most remote areas to get to. Our Alaska airboat tour has teamed up with Coastal Helicopters Inc. to provide the best helicopter sightseeing experience putting you right at our doorstep. The Helicopter flight flies passengers over the Tongass National Forest and over a portion of the Juneau Ice field and the Taku Glacier, the Helicopter takes an opportunity to land ONTOP of the Taku Glacier and give passengers and chance of a lifetime to get out and walk around the massive ice flow. After the glacier landing the helicopter will Airboat Adventure & Helicopter Flightseeingdrop passengers off at our doorstep before their return flight home for a truly amazing airboat tour. The airboat tour zips passengers around the Taku River basin along the terminus of the Taku Glacier for amazing sights. Click here for more Information and booking options!

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Airboat Tour, Alaska’s Best
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