Beautiful weather for a helicopter flight
Beautiful weather for a helicopter flight
Helicopter Glacier Landing
Helicopter Glacier Landing

Alaskan Adventure by Air, Water & Ice

Our helicopter and airboat combination tour takes you on an adventure of the Taku Glacier.  You’ll fly over the glacier,  land on the glacier for a walkabout, and cruise next to the face of the glacier.  This tour offers your group a personal, small group setting in the untouched, remote area of the Taku Glacier and River.


Taku Glacier Adventure by Air, Water & Ice


About the Tour

This Alaskan adventure tour is a combination of a helicopter flight seeing tour, a river boat tour close to the face of the glacier, and a glacier walkabout.  The tour begins when your van driver shuttles you from your ship’s pier, through the city of Juneau, to the Juneau International Airport in the Mendenhall Valley.  At Coastal Helicopters, you’ll be given a pre-flight safety briefing, enjoy coffee, tea, and water, and have a bathroom opportunity.  Aboard the helicopter, you’ll fly high above Juneau, the Tongass National forest, the Juneau Glaciers, Gastineau Channel, and Taku River.  The helicopter lands on our deck on the bank of the Taku River, at Taku Point.  Our staff will greet you at Taku Point where you’ll be given floatation jackets, hearing protection, and a safety briefing on the airboat, as well as plenty of interesting local history.  You’ll have a chance to take pictures of the pristine Taku River basin, and the Taku Glacier spread before you.

There’s a 50 foot ramp that you’ll descend to the dock below, and board the waiting airboat.  You’ll sit comfortably aboard the covered airboat, with open sides for the best possible views and photo opportunities.  The airboat captain will help you board, and shortly your adventure will continue by water.  On the river you’ll cruise the 5-mile terminus of the only advancing glacier of the Juneau Ice Field.  You’ll come within arm’s reach of the ice, and you’ll understand the immense size of this glacier as you stare up at it from the river.  The Airboat captain will stop the boat in various locations for photos, and to talk about the glacier and the river basin that it has carved over the years.

Back at Taku Point, you’ll leave the airboat to rejoin the helicopter that will take you up, up, up to the top of the Taku Glacier.  Step out of the helicopter and set foot on the amazing 4500’ thick ice for an amazing glacier landing.  You’ll have time for more photos, and your pilot will give you details about the ice field, and facts specific to the Taku Glacier.  The helicopter will return you to the Heli Base, and the van will return you to your pier.

Experience remote Alaska up close and personal

Our guests love this Alaskan adventure because of the exciting pace of the tour, the small group size, the intimacy that they experience with the glacier, and the professionalism of our staff.  We can’t wait to show you every angle of the Taku Glacier…so get away from the crowds, and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime by air, water, and ice!


Taku Glacier Tour
Taku Glacier Tour by Airboat