3 Reasons to Choose Alaska Airboat & Helicopter Tour

  1. Alaska boat and helicopter tour (s)  are the easiest way to see vast areas of Alaska’s wilderness.
  2. Airboat Alaska helicopter tour offers 3 highlighted segments within the tour that show you all angles of the Juneau Ice Field and the Tongass National Forest.   (1) Helicopter tour adventures over the Tongass National Forest and the Juneau Ice field. (2) Guided airboat ride along the 5 mile terminus of the Taku Glacier. (3) A return helicopter sightseeing trip that includes a guided glacier landing on the largest glacier of the Juneau Ice field.
  3. Small groups – Airboat Alaska sightseeing tours offer small group tours. Enjoy the personalized flight from the helicopter to the guided airboat adventure with as few as three passengers and never any more than six passengers on the adventure tour at a time.

Airboat Alaska flightseeing tour
Taku Glacier Adventure by Air, Water & Ice

3 Highlighted moments during Helicopter Tour

  1. Enjoy an the premier helicopter tour when flying over the Tongass National Forrest and a portion of the Juneau Ice field. The Tongass National forest is the largest national forest in the United States and the Juneau ice field alone is larger than the state of Rhode Island.
  2. Enjoy the helicopter tour with a  birds eye view when flying over both the Norris Glacier and the Taku Glacier.
  3. Enjoy the helicopter tour and glacier landing that allows passengers to get out to walk, take pictures and even drink the fresh glacier waters.
Family Posing for photos during the helicopter glacier landing.
Family Posing for photos during the helicopter glacier landing.

 3 Highlight moments during Alaska’s premier helicopter tour (airboat)

  1. Depart the helicopter tour and enjoy a totally unique perspective from the water.  Scooting along the terminus of the Taku Glacier within arms reach, is an exhilarating and breathtaking way to see the largest glacier of the Juneau Ice Field.
  2. This fast paced, energetic adventure leaves guest in disbelief of the size and beauty of the Taku Glacier.
  3. Professional, knowledgeable captains guide these small group tours into areas of the river basin and the Taku Glacier that are the quintessential remoteness that is expected on a guided Alaskan adventure tour.
Glacier exploration. Up close and personal.
Glacier exploration. Up close and personal.

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Helicopter Tour & Airboat Tour – Alaska
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