Airboat Adventure & Helicopter Flightseeing

Airboat Adventure – Alaska Helicopter Sightseeing Tour & Helicopter Glacier Landing

Airboat Alaska offers the most amazingly unique and adventurous helicopter sightseeing tour.  This tour includes a helicopter glacier landing and a thrilling airboat adventure tour that travels the 5 mile terminus of the Taku Glacier. Helicopter sightseeing tours are some of the most popular tours that are chosen by the hundreds of thousands of tourist that visit the communities in southeast Alaska. Alaska Helicopter tours are among the most popular of sightseeing excursions.  Most guests seeking these thrilling adventures agree that Alaska tours that offer a helicopter glacier landing allow guests the once in a lifetime opportunity to fulfill their bucket list item of walking on a glacier or even drinking fresh glacier water.   Airboat Alaska has teamed up with Coastal Helicopters to offer this truly unique and thrilling adventure tour.

Taku Glacier Adventure by Air, Water & Ice

Coastal Helicopters Inc. – Alaska sightseeing Tour & Helicopter Glacier Landing

Coastal Helicopters are a home grown helicopter company that specializes in charter work and Alaska sightseeing tours and they have the necessary permitting that allows their helicopter glacier landing on the mighty Taku Glacier.  Safety and quality of service are of the utmost importance for Coastal Helicopters.  They are proud recipient of the prestigious Medallion Shield as well as their 5-star safety program. To read more about Medallion, visit the Medallion Foundation website.

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Helicopter Sightseeing w/ Helicopter Glacier Landing

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