Airboat Alaska – an Alaskan flightseeing and Airboat company

Airboat Alaska is owned and operated by a local Alaskan family, and is based out of Juneau, Alaska.  We specialize in Juneau Alaska flightseeing which includes glacier helicopter tours, glacier seaplane tours, and glacier airboat tours.  Our mission is to give people who are visiting Alaska the opportunity to experience real, remote, wild Alaska.  Our Juneau Alaska flightseeing tours are always a small group, so the experience is always exclusive.  We believe that after visiting Alaska, our guests should leave with an appreciation of the beauty that we live in, the power of the glaciers, and the vastness of the wilderness.  We absolutely believe that it’s imperative to get away from the crowds to gain that appreciation.

Meet our team!

Brian Thatcher is the brains, muscle and energy behind this Juneau Alaska flightseeing company.  He was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska and grew up spending most of his summers on the Taku River with his family.  Brian is passionate about the river, and if he wasn’t there every day of the summer to captain the airboats and take guests on tours, he would still be on the river, fishing, hunting and running the creeks and estuaries.

Juneau Alaska
Brian and Henry

Julie Thatcher is the tour manager, and will often be there to greet guests on the pier and get them sent off to the van.  Julie grew up in a military family and lived in 7 different cities by the age of 16 before moving to Juneau and falling in love with the mountains, glaciers and ocean.

Julie and Brian have 2 little boys, and when they’re not operating tours, you can probably find the whole family on the Taku River, enjoying the very area that you’ll experience on these exclusive Juneau Alaska flightseeing tours.

Airboat Alaska is partnered with Coastal Helicopters Inc. for the helicopter portion of the tour.  Coastal Helicopters has been operating as such since 1988, and continues to grow as the demand increases in the areas of tourism and heli-skiing.  Their focus in the visitor industry is to provide professional and exciting tour opportunities to individuals or groups of independent travelers.

Juneau Alaska Flightseeing coupled with Glacier Airboating

While Juneau Alaska Flightseeing is the main point of our business – to experience this amazing state you have to see it from above – airboating is our passion.  The Taku River basin covers an astounding 10,600 square miles, and is home to all 5 species of Pacific salmon.  The River is 50 miles long, and throughout the area you can find moose, bears, wolves, seals, river otters, beavers, wolverines, martin, ermine, and tons of other wildlife.  The flightseeing portion of our tour offerings will give you perspective on the immense size of the Taku River basin, and we’ll bring you intimately close with the Glacier and the river on our exciting and exhilarating airboat ride.

Juneau Alaska Flightseeing
Henry and Sam