About Us

Airboat Alaska is owned and operated by a local Alaskan family, and is based out of Juneau, Alaska.  We specialize in glacier tours which include a helicopter flight, an airboat tour at the face of the glacier, and a glacier landing.  Our goal is to give people who are visiting Alaska the opportunity to experience real, remote, wild Alaska.  Our glacier tours are always a small group, so the experience is always exclusive.  We believe that after visiting Alaska, our guests should leave with an appreciation of the beauty that we live in, the power of the glaciers, and the vastness of the wilderness.  We absolutely believe that it’s imperative to get away from the crowds to gain that appreciation.

Helicopters and Airboats

The Taku Glacier Helicopter and Airboat Adventure is brought to you by a partnership of 2 companies with compatible values, expertise, attention to safety, and love for Alaska.  Click below to read more about these companies.