Taku Glacier Helicopter & Airboat Tour

Explore the Taku Glacier by air, water and ice

This excursion in Juneau, Alaska takes you into the heart of the Alaskan wilderness by air, water and ice.  View the Taku glacier from all the different angles and see Alaska in a way only accessible from airboat and helicopter.  

This tour includes a helicopter flight, an airboat tour to the face of the glacier, and a glacier landing by helicopter. Click to learn more!

"That was THE best! One of the most exciting things I have ever done. The beauty and majesty of the Taku is beyond compare."
Debra B.
Cruise Passenger

Located in Juneau, Alaska

"Awesome! A once in a lifetime experience. It ranks up there with our top three ever! Best day ever."
Lisa & Mike D.
July 2017
“No better way to see the marvel that is the Juneau Ice Field. Experiencing the glaciers from every possible angle, viewing and then touching. Amazing!"
Fernando M.
July 2017